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  • Quiplash 3: Domination

    Quiplash 3: DominationGet a Quiplash on every answer in Rounds One, Two and Three

  • Quiplash 3: Schmitty Schmackdown

    Quiplash 3: Schmitty SchmackdownGet a Quiplash against Schmitty in the Final Round

  • Quiplash 3: Secret Schmitty

    Quiplash 3: Secret SchmittyTrigger a response from Schmitty with your answer

  • Quiplash 3: Worst to First

    Quiplash 3: Worst to FirstBe in last place at the end of either the First or Second Rounds and then win the game

  • Devils: Pitchfork Perfect

    Devils: Pitchfork PerfectWin the game with an A rating and all challenge tasks completed

  • Devils: You're Out of the Family

    Devils: You're Out of the FamilyMost selfish player wins the game

  • Devils: Tattletale

    Devils: TattletaleStop 5 selfish actions in one game

  • Devils: TGIF

    Devils: TGIFPlay on a Friday night

  • Champ'd Up: The Usurper

    Champ'd Up: The UsurperYou win a match as the underdog

  • Champ'd Up: The Comeback Kid

    Champ'd Up: The Comeback KidYou win a second half match using a character that lost in the first half

  • Champ'd Up: The People’s Champ

    Champ'd Up: The People’s ChampYou lose the room vote but win over 80% of the audience vote

  • Champ'd Up: The Halftime Speech

    Champ'd Up: The Halftime SpeechYou were in last place at halftime, but end up winning the game

  • Talking Points: Putting on a Conference

    Talking Points: Putting on a ConferencePlay 3 consecutive games in a row

  • Talking Points: Name Check

    Talking Points: Name CheckGive a talk with the name of one of the players in the game in the title

  • Talking Points: Good Karma

    Talking Points: Good KarmaGive out the most engagements to other players but still win the game

  • Talking Points: Long Winded

    Talking Points: Long WindedGive a talk that lasts over seven minutes

  • Blather 'Round: Think Tank

    Blather 'Round: Think TankWin the game as the audience

  • Blather 'Round: Whoops

    Blather 'Round: WhoopsWin the game and get the most "My Bad" points

  • Blather 'Round: Most Helpful Guesser

    Blather 'Round: Most Helpful GuesserGet 1000 points by contributing helpful guesses

  • Blather 'Round: In This Together

    Blather 'Round: In This TogetherFinish a game where everyone has guessed at least one password

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