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Starpoint Gemini 2

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  • Overly Overt Overkill

    Overly Overt OverkillDestroy an enemy with full shields and hull in less than 3 seconds

  • No more heroes

    No more heroesDestroy all heroes in a single playthrough

  • Ground zero

    Ground zeroCollide with a planet

  • Who wants to be a ...

    Who wants to be a ...Gain 10 million Credits

  • Hitchhiker's Guide

    Hitchhiker's GuideExplore the entire Gemini system

  • Manic Mechanic

    Manic MechanicEnhance every possible ship system on a single ship

  • Spacehopper

    SpacehopperJump through a wormhole

  • What? It's not like they need it anymore

    What? It's not like they need it anymoreLoot a derelict

  • Catch the wave dude

    Catch the wave dudeJump using T-Drive

  • Swashbuckler

    SwashbucklerCapture a ship

  • Gratuitous Gunner

    Gratuitous GunnerDeal 500,000 damage points

  • Amazing Asteroid Annihilator

    Amazing Asteroid AnnihilatorMine 500 asteroids

  • Shipping Magnate

    Shipping MagnateHave 10 or more ships stored at the Garage at the same time

  • Freelancer

    FreelancerSolve 20 freelance missions

  • Down to the wire

    Down to the wireSurvive a battle with less than 5% hull points remaining

  • Storyteller

    StorytellerFinish the main storyline

  • Tomb raider

    Tomb raiderGather all artefacts

  • You da boss!

    You da boss!Control 2 mercenary ships and 3 fighter squadrons at the same time

  • No galaxy for old men

    No galaxy for old menDestroy 15 veterans

  • Homewrecker

    HomewreckerComplete Lure of the Lens

  • Red Baron in space

    Red Baron in spaceDestroy 100 ships

  • Rebel strike

    Rebel strikeDestrpy 10 Empire ships

  • Prison break

    Prison breakSuccessfully raid an Off-world prison with your troops

  • Gemini barbecue

    Gemini barbecueBuy a shipment of meat and Hogwash and then fly into a sun 'till you ship almost pops

  • Coup de grâce

    Coup de grâceComplete Two Faced

  • There and back again

    There and back againComplete Giant Leap

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