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  • Boom Goes the Dynamite

    Reward Boom Goes the Dynamite
    B-Wrapped C-Bites

    Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites are an ideal source of cholesterol and protein.

    Boom Goes the DynamiteScore a fifteen point shot astuce

  • Alley Oop!

    Reward Alley Oop!
    Bean and Corn Dip

    Beans and corn are the secret ingredients to having a great time with your friends.

    Alley Oop!Get an Alley Oop astuce

  • Deep Thought

    Reward Deep Thought
    Cowboy Cookhouse

    Anything with potatoes, bacon, garlic, and whiskey in it surely qualifies as "manna."

    Deep Thought Succès SecretWin a game with the final score of ‘42’ astuce

  • Dizzy Dealer

    Reward Dizzy Dealer
    Holy Cheez! Queso

    If you play #IDARB, there is a good chance that you also like your food HOT.

    Dizzy DealerStun online opponents 25 or more times astuce

  • Team Spirit

    Reward Team Spirit
    Convention Cookies


    Team SpiritCreate 10 or more customized teams, each with 8+ characters, a custom logo, and a custom song. astuce

  • Just Like Having a Baby

    Reward Just Like Having a Baby
    Neapolitan Krispies

    Make sure you have friends nearby because this is going to make A LOT OF KRISPIES!

    Just Like Having a BabyCreate 20 or more characters in the character creator astuce

  • Identity Theft

    Reward Identity Theft
    Tournament Popcorn

    It's oily and will ruin your controllers.

    Identity TheftImport 10 or more characters via Trading Post or QR code into the game astuce

  • Sharing is Caring

    Reward Sharing is Caring
    Tamale Cake

    AKA Gluten-Free Pineapple Upside-Down Tamale Cake.

    Sharing is CaringImport 10 or more songs via Trading Post or QR code into the game astuce

  • Represent

    Reward Represent
    Pumpkin Bread

    Prepare for Pumpkin Bread.

    RepresentCreate 20 or more logos in the Logo Creator astuce

  • Corporate Art Collector

    Reward Corporate Art Collector
    Pear Ricotta Pressure Cake

    Once you serve this dish you will be pressured into making it for every #IDARB event.

    Corporate Art CollectorImport 10 or more logos via Trading Post or QR code into the game astuce

  • A Regular Mozart

    Reward A Regular Mozart
    Michigan Sliders

    You don't have to be from Michigan to enjoy a good Michigan Slider, but it helps.

    A Regular MozartCreate 20 or more songs in the song creator astuce

  • Over "The Air" Achiever

    Reward Over
    Teriyaki Chicken

    This recipe comes from a hardcore gamer who is also a hardcore chef.

    Over "The Air" AchieverSummon the Achievement Bot. astuce

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